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Download Community Tools
Version 2.0 beta 3 · 10.01.2013 · Changelog · License: free, GPL

You need a web server with PHP and MySQL to run this package. If you have ever installed a CMS such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, everything should be familiar.

Please note:

  • As our software is quite complex, it needs a bit more memory during the initial setup compared to usual configurations. Please select a hosting provider where you can set PHP memory limit (php_value memory_limit) to 128MB. Also we recommend to set the maximum time allowed for scripts to run (php_value max_execution_time) to 120 seconds.
  • It does not work with PHP 5.4 at the moment because of bug in ajax_comments module.

Community Tools 2.0 is based on Drupal 7, please consult Drupal Install Guide for system requirements and troubleshooting. PHP version should be 5.2.x.

Source code

Community Tools source code is hosted on To make any changes to the codebase you should have an GitHub user account and Git version control system installed.

Bugs and feedback

Please report any issues, bugs and ideas to our User Echo forum.

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