Bringing neighbors together

Changing colors and styles

Here’s how to change the visual appearance of your Community Tools website:


Background image
Site’s background image is set in group settings. If there’s no image set for current group, the main group’s image is used. To change, enter the group and choose Edit. You can upload new image or change the current one.

Site name and slogan
Both can be set under Configuration > System > Site information (or add /admin/config/system/site-information to your site web address).

You can change or remove Community Tools logo which is included in default styles. Head to Appearance > Settings > Custom Theme for CT (/admin/appearance/settings/cmtls_base). Scroll down and uncheck “Use the default logo”. Make sure your new logo is in suitable pixel size before uploading.


You can set main colors of the site from Configuration > System > Site information (or add /admin/config/system/site-information to your site web address).

At the time of this post, there’s a minor bug in the software preventing to set footer color in some cases.

Fonts and styles (for developers)

If you need more flexibility for redesigning your site, it is possible by adding CSS definitions to site styles. You will accomplish that by installing and setting a new custom theme:

Download our predifined custom theme

Unzip and copy the contents to your site’s subfolder /sites/all/themes.

This folder should now have three folders:

  • omega - Drupal Omega base theme. Don’t change anything here.
  • cmtls_base - Extends omega with Community Tools styles. Don’t change anything here as well as your edits will be overwritten when upgrading the software.
  • cmtls_base_subtheme - This is your theme which inherits everything from omega and cmtls_base. Add all your changes and additions to CSS files in it’s subdirectories. You can also change site icon and default logo here.

Before changing the styles, you have to enable your site to use your new custom theme instead of the default one. Head to Appearance (/en/admin/appearance), find “Custom Theme for CT 1.x” and click “Enable and set default”.

As Drupal caches CSS files for better performance, changes to your CSS files will not be immediately visible if you do not disable this feature temporarily. Go to Configuration > Development > Performance and uncheck “Aggregate and compress CSS files”.

Happy coding!

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