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Community Tools II beta 3 is relased with new mapping options

New mapping technology

The focus of this version was on changing the base tehnology behind our map and mapping functions. This gives us more flexibility in this version as well as provides a solid foundation to move forward with more advanced functions in future releases. Here’s what’s new in beta 3:

  •     You can now choose from variety of base layers, by default we use beautiful MapQuest (
  •     In addition to points, you can also draw lines and areas.
  •     Each location or post can now define multiple points/lines/areas.
  •     Map can be switched to full-browser view.
  •     For quick zoom, hold Shift and draw a rectange with the mouse.
  •     To delete a point/line/area, choose the move tool, click on feature and choose Delete from your keyboard.
  •     The Google Map API key is no longer needed to enter during the installation or in administrator pages.

Note for techies out there: We moved from Location ( and GMap ( modules to Geofield (, Address Field ( and OpenLayers (


Other additions include improvements in user interface, bug fixes and updated Estonian translations.

Known bugs

As temporary bug, you can no longer choose from existing locations/places when entering location for your post. This worked in beta 2 but was lost when moving to new mapping technologies. We apologize and plan to restore this function in future releases.

Download the new version, check out more detailed change log or head to the updated Demo site.

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