Bringing neighbors together

CT generation 2 is here!

CT 2.0 has gone through some serious technological improvement, and got totally new looks, too.

What's new?

We've improved CT 2.0 internal logic and structure. New user interface is radically redesigned.

We gave up displaying the half-width map on each page and show a small map widget related to each post instead. In addition, there is a full-page map displaying all the site information on one page.

We've been working on customizing site design options.  You can personalize your site by changing colorschemes and background visual.

In the long run, it'll be easier to use various public data on your site, or cross-use public data with other sites.

Technology wise, we move from Drupal 6 to version 7, which gave us a chance to review the whole internal architecture. While the first versions used a lot of custom code, our next generation relies mostly on features offered by Drupal and it’s add-ons. Meaning, customizing your site to your needs is much easier to implement.


We suggest you take a tour on our new demo site or check out the comparison of the two generations.

All feedback is most welcome and appreciated

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