Bringing neighbors together


Community Tools (CT) is web-based software to help you manage your community. We aim to meet the needs of local communities, be it a neighbourhood, local football team, apartment association, local hunting league or etc.


Engage people

The main idea behind CT is to engage more community members in community actions. All registered members can post events, news, ideas or announcements, share photos or files, comment on posts made by others.


A post can be a news item, announcement, a local ad etc. Only registered users can post content or comments.


Events can be viewed as text items or in a calendar view. All registered users can post events.


Members can share photos and document files.


All registered users become members of the community. You can register with your Facebook account or log in using username and password.


All members belong automatically to the main group (the community). They can also create new groups or join previously generated groups (an apartment association, to organize an event etc). Groups can be either public or private.


All posts and events can be geotagged. Content is displayed in both ways, as text flow or well as on map.


Members can create discussions or debate by commenting on content posted by other members.

Adjustable design

You can easily customize the colorscheme of your site. Every group has unique background image.

Tools under construction

More features to come in CT generation 2: e-mail notifications, RSS output, ideas, reporting problems, community currencies solutions.

Drupal 7

CT is based on a renowned content management platform Drupal 7, meaning loads of free, additional modules and documentation.

Open source

Developers can create new smart tools to run on CT platform or customize existing tools.


There are different levels of user- and moderator acess levels.


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